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SDA Member News -- March 28,2010


Linda Van Alstyne

Linda Van Alstyne is one of the participating artists in RiverFront Studio's Spring Opener in Schuylerville NY, March 13 – April 23, which features the work of five women, including three sculptures, one in clay, one in fiber and one in metal.

Lynda van Alstyne open house  


Here are two of Linda’s collections in the show. Photos courtesy of Clifford Mealy

Pat Hickman Exhibit at Eric David Laxman Gallery


Nancy Koenigsberg’s Work in Poland’s 13th Triennal

Nancy’s piece, “Morning Night” will be shown at the 13th Triennal in Poland.  

Morning_LightMorning Night, 78” x 88” x 15”, coated copper wire and glass beads

Pat Pauly Organizes “The Almighty Dollar” Exhibition in Rochester


George”, by Pat Pauly, part of “The Almighty Dollar” exhibition.

The Almighty Dollar: Art Quilts Inspired by the Dollar Bill

Dates: March 24 - April 30, 2010
Location: Lower Link Gallery of The Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County,115 South Avenue, Rochester,NY

Opening Reception April 15, 5-8 p.m.

Two lectures will be given in conjunction with the exhibit:
April 12, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.“A Dollar for Inspiration: Art Quilts and the Creative Process”, by Pat Pauly
Kate Gleason Auditorium, Central Library

April 19, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.“The History of US Paper Money (By George!)”
Gerard Muhl and John Zabel
Kate Gleason Auditorium, Central Library

Seventeen artists took up the challenge to create a new work for “The Almighty Dollar: Art Quilts Inspired by the Dollar Bill” now being exhibited at the Central Library’s Lower Link Gallery in downtown Rochester.

Pat Pauly, a contemporary quilt artist, organized the exhibition and invited regional artists to create an art quilt whose theme was generated from the US dollar bill.

“The Almighty Dollar” exhibit is reaching a segment of the population that would seldom encounter new art quilts. It is open during regular library hours.

Pat was awarded funding for the project, in part, by the Arts & Cultural Council for Greater Rochester with a Fiber Arts Program grant made in collaboration with the Genesee Valley Quilt Club.


Spring Classes at Hudson River Valley Art Workshops


Carol Taylor: April 11 - 17, 2010 (5-day workshop) Improvisational Piecing
In this workshop, Carol teaches 20 different improvisational piecing techniques and free ways of creating designs. Learn to play with color, value, and design without anxiety. All constructions methods are fast and easy! For more information contact: Hudson River Valley Art Workshops at 800-665-0044.


Kathyanne White: April 18 - 24, 2010 (5-day workshop) Mixed Media Journals
Create digital mixed media fiber journals in this innovative workshop with Kathyanne White. Discover digital printing on surfaces such as lutradur, tyvec, pimatex cotton, organdy, painted muslin, and watercolor paper. Expand your thinking on how to use photos and images in your mixed media art.
Create writable pages, a funky cover, and combine images with textures and found objects.


Natalie Sewell: April 29 - May 2, 2010 (3-day workshop) Designing Landscapes in Fabric and Paint
This workshop requires no measuring,
templates, or patterns. Learn how to create a unique landscape that reflects your own artistic definition of a favorite scene. Starting with a favorite photo, Natalie shows you how to use fabric and scissors as your canvas and paintbrush. The emphasize is on design techniques, but includes tips for choosing borders and finishing your landscape quilt.  No sewing machine required.

For more information contact: Hudson River Valley Art Workshops at 800-665-0044.

Hudson River Valley Art Workshops
PO Box 659
Greenville, NY 12083
(518) 966-5219

Barbara Arlen Teaching Classes at FIT School of Continuing Education


Barbara Arlen Classes for March, April, May, June 2010

Private Color Sessions for Fiber contact: 212-628-1289

FIT School of Continuing Education

SXC 260 Color Painting Studio $225    1.2 CEU Paint with color as a professional by learning how to mix,  paint and create your own color chips and color schemes through this hands-on study for the use of mixing colors for fashion, accessories, home, branding, cosmetics, personal image, graphics and painting. Strengthen your ability to visualize the appearance of basic hues and their variant tints and shades, exploring the potential intensity and or muted effects of color combinations, lighter and darker. Use Josef Albers’ juxtaposition and harmonies of color and get tips on color mixing, matching and selection for different products. Studio supplies included in course fee. Some additional supplies recommended at first session. Bring a smock or cover-up to all sessions. 4 sessions: (55B) April 28, May 5, 12, 6:00pm-9:00pm

Hot Topics!

SXF 820 Color Forecasting for Product Creation and Promotion $150 Knowing what colors are being touted as new and exciting is only helpful if you really understand how to use color effectively for your market or to communicate to your audience. This program concentrates on how fashion and design color forecasts are used to successfully evolve future commercial lines and products far beyond fashion goods. Among the subjects stressed are: color cycles, color symbolism and cues, color and geography, national color preferences, color codes and color as a cultural experience. The trickle down of color popularity from apparel to consumer goods and services is examined in relation to overall consumer eye adjustment and timing. Included is a trip to the Color Association of the U.S., the oldest fashion and design forecasting organization in the country. 3 sessions: (55A) April 19, 26, May 3 10535 55A M 6:00pm-9:00pm 

SXF 840  Career Opportunities for Working With Color $75 If you are an artist, designer, Color Specialist Certificate student or have a creative eye and are looking for fresh career direction find out how color knowledge and talent is extremely marketable in fashion and related businesses. Meet a panel of successful professionals from a variety of fields such as advertising, cosmetics, fashion home markets, textiles or art education who share how color expertise is the bedrock of their success. Gain insight into how you can use your own color strengths to distinguish your employment opportunities and enhance your promotability in fashion and beyond. 1 session: (55A) April 15 55A 6:00-9:00 pm

Color Discovery Interactive Workshop at FIT’s Hot Topics!


Discover the color principles used by the Bauhaus Masters including Albers, Klee and Itten in this hands-on color workshop designed to provide color lovers with creative discovery. Experience a series of exercises using screen-printed colored paper and collage techniques to learn the dynamics and interaction of colors and nurture a whole new perspective. Program includes an introduction to Bauhaus methods and projects in chroma, value and color relativity, as well as optical mixtures, the emotional aspects of color and a museum visit for inspiration. Whether you are new to artistic expression or in need of a boost to your color sense for professional and artistic development let this unique program elevate your taste and design creativity. Open to 15 participants.

New Gallery – Avivartes -- Opening

This notice arrived too late for our previous blog post, so the opening for this new gallery was last week, but we wish them every success in this new endeavor.

34 Artist Owners Deborah "Cobra" Kruger and Stephano Qualiotti and his wife, Rosalia Tinajera (owners of Manhattan Ice Cream Shop) cordially invite you to join them to celebrate the Grand Opening of Avivartes.
When: Saturday March 20th  6pm - 11pm
Where: On the Carettera  West of Colon across from the Post Office
Same side as Manhattan Ice Cream Shop
Expect: Delicious refreshments, Scintillating conversations with the artists and their friends & Lots of exciting new art!
For More Information: or call our local cell phone: 331-410-1707

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