Monday, January 26, 2009

SDA Update January 26, 2009

Berenice Pliskin's "Hudson View towards Hoboken" now on display at the Paramount Center for the Arts, through February 28.


-- CLOSES JAN 31.If you are interested in hand embroidery and will be in NYC this week, try to see Narrative Thread. Co-curated by Orly Cogan and Michael Lyons Wier, Narrative Thread is an invitational exhibition featuring the work of 15 international fiber artists.

Narrative Thread
Lyons Wier- Ortt Gallery
175 Seventh Avenue @ 20th St, NYC, NY
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 11 AM - 7 PM.

Bonnie wrote: "As a hand embroiderer I was particularly intrigued by the work of three of the exhibiting artists: Cayce Zavaglia, Darrel Morris and Adam Cohen.

Each of them chose embroidery after having worked in other media, and it is immediately obvious that each is well aware of the potential of his or her new medium. Their work is fresh, honest, straight forward and deliciously untainted by trite embroidery-related irony, prejudice or politics.

Zavaglia's background as a painter is definitely evident in her powerfully expressive stitched portraits. Both "Elly" and "Gregg" appear to have been painted with a carefully wielded palette knife rather than with a needle and yarn.

Morris's intimate, evocative, snapshot-like scenes such as "Homemade Hair Cut" and "My Brother's Keeper" are composed of applique covered with richly textural stitching.

Cohen, a glass and wood artist in his early twenties, discovered stitching while studying in Japan. Each of his meticulously outlined and satin stitched robotic army ants and his "Killer Bee" stand in stark contrast to its camouflage fabric environment. Cohen's work is glaringly political without apology, but the political message is totally unrelated to his medium."

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