Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SDA Member News and Introductions November 20, 2008

"Urban Reflections #5, 35" x 35", by Barbara Jade Triton, Manhattan Quilters Guild member

OPENING: The Manhattan Quilters Guild invites you to attend an exhibition at the Bronxville Public Library. Sandra Sider will lecture at 2 PM on Dec. 2, followed by an opening reception from 3 - 5 PM. The exhibition will be open December 1, 2008 -- January 2, 2009. The library is located at 201 Pondfield Road, Bronxville, NY. If you can't attend in person, visit the group's virtual exhibition at



Madona is the textile and wearable art designer of the Madona Cole Originals label and the program director/facilitator of My Time Has Come™ programs: a home-based venture in Bellmore, New York. Under Madona Cole Originals, she designs and creates one-of-a-kind and limited edition wearable art fashions and accessories.
Madona explains, "As an artist, I am particularly interested in providing fashionable solutions that address the emotional, social and health needs of women and girls. When it comes to addressing the fashion and emotional needs of women and girls looking to maintain their dignity in the face of chemotherapy treatment and alopecia, it is without question that there is a lack of user-friendly, functional and stylish head-coverings that are readily available. I must note that there is an abundance of bandannas, baseball caps and scarves, all of which have their own merits but are not always appropriate or easy to use if one was to depend on them as the only available solution."
"As this underserved segment of our society deals with their medical challenges, the desire to look and feel intact becomes a matter of necessity. With that in mind, I recently launched the Carolyn Series Turwrap™ and the Rinde´wrap™ as the 'perfect solution' component of my Madona Cole Originals Dignity Headwear ™Collection. The Swarovski crystal on each Carolyn Series Turwrap™ bought for or by someone who is going through chemotherapy treatment, signifies the light that will illuminate the way to victory and the eventual cure of cancer."

Madona has also established a cultural arts program, "My Time Has Come", which offers art-related, cultural and social programs geared toward children, educators and families to create a forum for appreciation and celebration of cultural and social diversity. Madona Cole Originals donates 15% of its profits to "My Time Has Come" support these programs.

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